What We Believe


Inviting all to become disciples of Jesus Christ serving Carlisle and beyond.


To reach the point where every civic and community leader, and the citizenry of Carlisle say, "Our town is a better town because CUMC is here." CUMC does this by being a place where people understand that their life is better with Jesus than without, make a connection with Him and other like-minded folk who worship together and grow in their faith and walk of discipleship in order to be equipped and inspired for acts of service for others in the community, thereby making Carlisle a better place. That is how CUMC can make Carlisle the best it can be - by making and empowering disciples of Jesus Christ.

CUMC understands a disciple of Jesus Christ to be a person who is committed to following Jesus in their heads; is continually being changed by Jesus in their hearts; and is committed to living out the mission of Jesus with their hands. Being a disciple is a process that never ends.

A UNited methodist congregation

We are a United Methodist congregation and are deeply rooted in that theology, structure, and practices. The United Methodist Church is a global church that opens hearts, opens doors and opens minds through active engagement with our world. To find out more about United Methodism, visit www.umc.org

Our heritage

As we were becoming one church in Spring 2013, nine videos were created to share the history and heritage of our three congregations. View these videos and read about our heritage here...