TLC (Tender Loving Care)

Tender Loving Care (TLC) is a was we can care for each other so that no CUMC member or friend feels alone during a difficult time. TLC will assist the pastors with follow-up visits to members with short-term needs.

TLC will serve those:

• recovering from long-term hospitalization
• in short-term rehabilitation programs
• experiencing grief issues from the loss of a loved one

Spiritual, emotional, and caring support would be provided through the time spent together. TLC checks in regularly through visits and phone calls. TLC team will be equipped to share information on local services that may be helpful to our friends and members.

tlc volunteers:

Our TLC Volunteers represent CUMC by sharing Christ's love and offering spiritual nourishment and friendship to those who have a need for extra support due to life circumstances. Volunteers commit to making contact as needed with assigned person, which may be for 2-3 weeks or several months. Initial training and follow-up meetings every other month occur with other volunteers and the coordinator.

i want to know more...

Contact Pastor Mira or Lois Weibley or call the church office at 717.249.1512.