333 Prayer Initiative

Reconnect | Restore | Revive

During the 333 Prayer Initiative, we are asking God to lead us to Live Like Jesus as we reconnect relationally with God, with our families, with each other, with our community, and with our mission and vision.

STOP & PRAY DAILY @ 3:33pm. 
Prayer as jesus taught  phone lock screen graphic

Want a daily reminder on your phone? Click here to download the "Prayer as Jesus Taught" sermon series phone lock screen graphic. Save it to your photos, make it your phone wallpaper or lock screen.

daily prayer suggestions

The 333 Prayer Initiative is a way for us to be united in prayer for our church, our mission, and our vision. Through prayer, we ask God to lead us to LIVE LIKE JESUS. STOP & PRAY DAILY @ 3:33pm. Daily prayer suggestions can be found here.

prayer walk guide

People connect, or reconnect, with God through prayer in many different ways. We are not all eyes closed, head nodded, hands together and down on our knees pray-ers. One way to pray is on the move (such as walking, running, bicycling or driving). We challenge you to do 2 neighborhood prayer walks (1 in Your Neighborhood and 1 in the around The Neighborhood of Carlisle UMC - 1.5 mile area map of church neighborhood included here). Check out our prayer walk guide here.

prayer walk - thematic & breath prayers to use while walking

While you are doing your prayer walks around your neighborhood and around the neighborhood of Carlisle UMC, use these breath prayers and do these thematic prayer walks. Breath Prayers & Thematic Prayer Walks.

prayer walk - track your route

Track your route and report it here so that we can see how much of the CUMC neighborhood we cover on our prayer walks. We would like to cover as much of the area as possible during the next three months. You can track your route and share with us by using the Strava app. In the app store, download Strava: Run, Ride, Swim; create a free account; join the "Carlisle UMC Prayers Walks" Club.

OR track your route in church on Sundays by marking your recent walk on the map in the Gathering.

prayer walk observations and comments

We want to hear from you about your Prayer Walk. What did you see? What did you pray? Was there anything that God drew your attention to while you were on your walk? Click here to record your observations and comments.