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Current Series

Moving in Faith

Moving in Faith to our new building is an act of hope for the future. We believe in a future with hope, in God's provision, in the community impact God is calling us to, in God's power to change lives, and in the welcoming embrace of God in Jesus Christ for all people!


In the midst of all that is going on it is easy to become disconnected from God, from others, and from ourselves. Our routines have changed, our connections are different, and it is hard to find our footing.

Maybe in this time is an invitation to learn again the invitation of God to abide, remain, stay with God. Maybe this is a chance to place our footing more firmly on the rock. Maybe it is time to nurture our connection to the vine.

Jesus teaches that it is in abiding that we find peace, joy, direction, love, purpose, and life abundance. Maybe when so much is in limbo we can discover in a new and deeper way the unchanging truth that "In Christ alone my soul finds rest." (adapted from Psalm 62:1)

Download a sermon series graphic for your phone lock screen here. The graphic includes the breath prayers for you to pray daily.

This I Believe

Sundays, July 12-26.

This sermon series allows Pastor Jake to share some of his own personal faith journey.

Living in a Strange Land

A series of messages designed to find encouragement from the people of God who walked in their "wilderness experiences" as we now walk through ours in these days between what was and what is not yet. Through it all, the presence of God does not waver, and neither should we.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The recent coronavirus crisis has made us all realize just how small and connected our world is. Each of us has a neighbor and is a neighbor. Let's commit to being GOOD neighbors. Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Life of Paul Sermon Series

January 26 - March 1, 2020.

A study of the Life of the Apostle Paul. We will look at the call of God in our lives as we look at the same in the life of this first century Christian missionary.


Advent Sermon Series, Sundays: December 1-29 at all worship services. Looking at the royal titles given to Jesus the Messiah: Savior, Emmanuel, Word and more.

What Ministers Wished Their Church Members Knew

Sundays, November 10 & 17, 2019

We took this title from  book published years ago as it gives Pastor Mira and Pastor Jim an opportunity to share some things they wished our CUMC church members and friends knew about the church and faith.

Who Is Jesus?

3 week sermon series: Sundays, October 13-27.

The more we understand who Jesus said He was, the more we can gain an appreciation of Jesus to deepen our faith.

Building Your Faith

5 week sermon series, September 1-29 on how we can use common experiences to help build our faith. How God often works in the negative experiences of life.

Sundays, September 1 - 29: 8:15, 9:45 & 11:00AM

What Would Jesus Say To...

We will look at questions like: What would Jesus say to...CUMC, the powerful, moms & kids, our legacy, graduates? Sunday morning worship services April 28-June 2.

Easter Earthquake Lenten Sermon Series

March 10-April 21 at all worship services. Easter Earthquake: How the Resurrection Shakes Our World. This series invites us all to consider the assumptions we have about ourselves, God, and Jesus.