Current Series


Advent Sermon Series, Sundays: December 1-29 at all worship services. Looking at the royal titles given to Jesus the Messiah: Savior, Emmanuel, Word and more.

Half Truths

Study phrases that capture some element of truth - yet they also miss the point in important ways. Join us as we search for the scriptural truths.


Learn how to become new in Christ.

Pray Like Jesus

A closer look at "The Lord's Prayer." Learn to use this prayer as a powerful tool in our devotional lives.

The Real Christmas Story

We all have our favorite Christmas movies, the ones we watch year after year - movies that bring friends and families together, that inspire us, and that make us laugh. And sometimes, they remind us of what Christmas is all about - the timeless story of hope and joy and love - the birth of a child.

3 Simple Rules

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, had three simple rules for the covenant groups and church he began. During this sermon series, we will look at these rules, learning what they meant to Wesley and what they mean to us today.