Coronavirus & CUMC Updates and Resources


Sunday, April 5 WORSHIP EXPERIENCE available Sunday, April 5 at 8am and after. Worship Outline here.

Sunday, March 29 WORSHIP EXPERIENCE. Worship outline.
Sunday, March 22 WORSHIP EXPERIENCE. Worship outline.

  • #CarlisleUMConnects One-Page Resource Guide
  • I NEED HELP to stay connected to CUMC.
  • I am WILLING TO HELP others stay connected to CUMC.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be notified when a new video is uploaded.
  • Join in for our church and community.
  • GROW Students: FearsParentCheatSheet
  • GROW Students: Middle School Facebook Page
  • GROW Students: High School Facebook Page
  • GROW Kids Facebook Page
  • I want to GIVE to CUMC.
  • Plant & stake trees at Spring Garden  - POSTPONED


All church and outside group activities are suspended until further notice. Check back here often for updates.

March 20 Letter to Members and Friends
March 18 Letter to Members and Friends