Homeless to Home

With a referral from a case manager, CUMC's Homeless to Home works in conjunction with other local churches and organizations to assist those moving from homelessness into a home. CUMC provides a one-time support for individuals and families moving into housing with a basic pack of personal care items and cleaning supplies, while start-up household items and furniture are provided through other outreach programs.

CUMC volunteers connect directly with these individuals and families by personally delivering the supplies from CUMC to the recipients as they move into their new home. An informational packet with CUMC information, a devotional booklet, The Lord's Prayer card, and flyers for other local resources are also provided.

Specific donations for CUMC's outreach of personal care and cleaning supplies are always accepted. Please see the attached list of needed items. Contact Art and Cindy Kunst, to make donations.

Household goods and furniture donations can be made directly to New Life Community Church at 64 East North Street, Carlisle, by calling the church Tuesday thru Friday at 717.240.0060.

Homeless to Home Wish List

how can i help...

  • Generating donations of specific personal care items and cleaning supplies and/or financial donations from local businesses/other churches
  • Shopping with available funds to keep the supply closet stocked with needed items
  • Packing the requested items for delivery when a referral is received
  • Compiling the CUMC packet provided to all recipients
  • Delivering items with an open heart and mind
  • Providing a follow-up to a recipient by note or personal visit

i want to help...

To get involved and/or request a list of needed items, please contact Art and Cindy Kunst at