What to Expect

At Carlisle United Methodist Church  you will discover a warm group of real people dedicated to following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

where do i park?

We have parking spaces in our lot (enter off Pomfret Street) reserved and marked for guests - please feel free to park here.

what door do i enter?

If you are attending one of our more traditional services in the Sanctuary (8:15 & 11:00am) entering through the large front doors at the steps and columns (along Pomfret Street) will be easiest. This entrance takes you directly to the Sanctuary entrance, where a friendly greeter will welcome you.

If you are attending our contemporary service in the Multi-Purpose Room (9:45am) entering through the door under the covered part of our parking lot will be easiest. This entrance takes you directly to the elevator, where you can go to Level 2 and the Multi-purpose room, where a friendly greeter will welcome you.

how should i dress?

We have no expectations about how folks dress. You will see people in suits/dresses, jean and t-shirts and everything in-between on Sunday mornings, according to individual preference. Come as you are, be comfortable, and know you will be welcomed and accepted.

who can i ask if i have questions?

Friendly greeters and ushers are located at the doors of each service - they are there to assist in any way you might need. Also, in our Gathering (beside the Sanctuary), you will find "Info Central," our information center.

how can i find my way to the worship service?

Throughout the building you will find red arrows pointing to the Sanctuary (8:15 & 11:00am services) and yellow arrows pointing to the Multi-purpose room (9:45 service). Follow these arrows and you'll find your service. Or feel free to ask anyone, the people of CUMC are so helpful!

what are the options for my young children?

We are proud of our well-staffed nursery care area available at every service for children ages 3 and under. Activity bags are available in the Sanctuary for ages 3 through 6 and 7 through 12, and the contemporary service offers a special area in the same room for children to engage in their own activities with supervision. Also, each service provides a Children's Chat with the pastor followed by an optional KIDS'WORSHIP time in a nearby room. 

how can a welcoming coordinator help me?

Our Welcoming Coordinator, Kathy Charette, LOVES meeting new people. Her primary goal is to ensure that coming to CUMC is a comfortable and welcoming experience for all. She can help in many ways, such as meeting you during the week to show you around the building before you come on a Sunday, meeting you at the door on Sunday morning to help you find your way, talking to you by email or phone to answer any questions you may have, or any other ways you may find helpful. Please contact her at any time by email, or telephone, 717.249.1512. She'd love to hear from you!