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Leadership Council


CUMC Leadership Structure

The Leadership Council is designed to have effective and efficient decision-making in light of the larger mission of CUMC to make disciples of Jesus Christ serving the greater Carlisle community and beyond. We elect 9 Leadership Council members who each oversee an area of ministry and mission within the church. Each area has teams that make the ministry happen that involve over 100 of our members! The vision pastor, Rev. Jake Waybright, and executive pastor, Rev. Mira Hewlett, are non-voting members of the Leadership Council.

Current Leadership Council Structure Chart

The Leadership Council meets on the third Monday of every month in the Library. Any schedule changes will be announced in the Midweek Minute as they are made and posted on the kiosk in the Gathering. Executive Sessions start at 5:00pm and are followed by Open Sessions starting at approximately 5:45pm.

2021 officers

Chair:Bill Bunt
Vice-Chair: Ron Chipriano
Secretary: Wayne Henderson

leadership council members

Each Leadership Council member is elected to serve a three-year term. Leadership Council members work with a team within an area of the church. If you have a concern in any area, please contact the appropriate Leadership Council member or a pastor.

 Pillar Areas

Administrative Areas

Appointed Positions

  • Budget Overseer: Finance Team Budget Review Representative
  • Recording Secretary: Marian Gibble

leadership council minutes

Minutes of the meetings will be posted below, on the kiosk in the Gathering,  and in a binder in the church office. Periodically we remove minutes that are older than six months. If you would like a copy of older Leadership Council Minutes, please contact Wayne Henderson or Pastor Mira.

July 20, 2020 Minutes
June 15, 2020 Minutes

May 18, 2020 Minutes

April 29, 2020 Announcement

April 20, 2020 Minutes
March 16, 2020 Minutes

September 16, 2019 Minutes
August 12, 2019 Minutes
July 15, 2019 Minutes

June 17, 2019 Minutes

church hall meeting

Church Hall meetings provide an opportunity for Leadership Council to share updates on their work and answer questions in an informal setting.

October 2020 Church Hall Meeting Reports
Submitted questions and responses

Previous Church Hall meeting minutes: