Curriculum & Chapel Time

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Curriculum & Chapel Time


Little Lights utilizes Creative Curriculum in lesson planning. The main focus of Creative Curriculum is that children learn through play and should be provided with a variety of engaging activities, materials, and experiences to create memorable and authentic learning experiences. Our teachers accomplish this through classroom set up and thematic lesson plans. Teachers use thematic plans to cover areas of interest for the children and to increase knowledge across a wide range of concepts. All of our classes align their lesson plans with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.

If you would like to view some examples of this curriculum for each age group, please visit The Creative Curriculum website.

chapel time

Full day and Part-day classes participate in a daily chapel time starting at age 2. Chapel time lasts about 15 minutes in the morning and follows the CUMC Sunday School Curriculum.

The Executive Pastor of CUMC visits to share a story every Monday morning, our Director does a few days, and the Director of Children & Family Ministries at CUMC does Thursdays. Occasionally stories are shared by the Puppet Ministry of CUMC and enjoyed by children of all ages.