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Current Series

Rooted & Grounded in Love

Sundays: October 10-24

As we celebrate God's faithfulness during our first year and move to celebrate our Grand Opening 2.0 on October 24, we give thanks for God's love and look forward to being rooted and grounded in love for many years to come.

Short Stores: The Parables of Jesus

Sundays: August 29 - October 3, 2021

When Jesus taught he often spoke in parables - short stories from real life that address important questions: What is God really like? How are we meant to live? Why do we struggle to do the right thing? Through the parables, Jesus sought to reveal what the Kingdom of God is like to teach us the meaning of life. Some are simple to understand. Some are challenging. Join us as we sit at Jesus' feet and hear the stories Jesus told.

Prayer as Jesus Taught

Sundays: June 6-July 18, 2021

In a recent survey, 80% of Americans say they have prayed at one time. Yet, we struggle with prayer. Does God hear us? Is God tired of our please? Do our words seem superficial? Does prayer matter? How do we pray?

This summer, we will have 2 ways to grow together in prayer: This sermon series on the Lord's Prayer and the 333 Congregational Prayer Initiative. The 333 Prayer Initiative gets it's name from our church address, 333 S. Spring Garden St. We will challenge each other to pray daily for our church and take prayer walks in our neighborhoods.
More on the 333 Prayer Initiative can be found here.

Resurrection Stories

Sundays: April 11-May 16

The best stories have surprising twists, unexpected encounters, and new life. The best stories give us hope. These are stories we all need. These are the stories God wants to write with us.

Meeting Jesus: The Gospel of Mark

Sundays: February 21 - March 28, 2021

We will see Jesus Christ through the eyes of his earliest followers as we do an inspiring sermon series based upon the first book ever written about Jesus: The Gospel according to Mark. You will learn about the culture and times in which Jesus lives. And you'll come to understand his ministry and message like you've never known before. Ultimately Mark's Gospel was written to reveal the identity of Jesus. Each narrative in this gospel answers the question, "Who is this man?" These sermons are for anyone who would like to know more about Jesus Christ. Each week you can follow along in reading through the book of Mark and discover for yourself who this man is.

Week 1: Sunday, Feb. 21-Sat., Feb. 27 - Mark 1-3
Week 2: Sunday, Feb. 28-Sat., Mar. 6 - Mark 4-5
Week 3: Sunday, Mar. 7-Sat., Mar. 13 - Mark 6-8:26
Week 4: Sunday, Mar. 14-Sat., Mar. 20 - Mark 8:27-10
Week 5: Sunday, Mar. 21-Sat., Mar. 27 - Mark 11-13
Week 6: Sunday, Mar. 28-Sat., Apr. 3 - Mark 14-16

Sermon Series Reading Plan Bookmark

In the Image of God

January 17-February 14, 2021

Sometimes it seems like the world gives us every reason to tear each other apart and dehumanize people who are not like us.  On a personal level, sometimes it’s easy to look around and find all the reasons that we are not enough in who we are.  What’s missing is what we hold in common: the recognition of the image of God in the face of the other AND in the face in the mirror.  Recognizing the image of God in others is foundational to convictions like God’s love, equality, human dignity, and justice.   Recognizing the image of God in ourselves firmly grounds our own sense of worth, potential, purpose, and calling.  Let’s see ourselves as God sees us as we take a transformational look at some of our most pressing challenges from the vital Biblical idea that we are all created in the image of God.

Prayers for a New Year

January 3-10, 2021 Sunday Sermon Series

In 2021 we are all ready for a fresh start to a new year. Methodists have a long tradition of crossing the threshold into a new year with prayers that focus on our hopes for the year to come. Let's start the new year together in prayer.

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Be Hope

Sunday, December 27, 2020

As we look into 2021, the message of HOPE from the manger carries us forward into a year that has lots of promise and unknown, but we know that Jesus will be with us.


December 6-20, 2020 Sunday Sermon Series

This year's Advent season will be like none before. One of the most challenging parts of 2020 was holding on to hope as we came to grips with the face that, as humans, we can't control or manage everything in life. This Advent, we will go on a journey to see with fresh eyes how the coming of Christ, Emmanuel, gives us strength for the present AND hope for the future.

Wonder Women

November 1-22, 2020 Sunday Sermon Series

The Scriptures are full of women who take leading roles in God's story with courage, wisdom, and strength. Jesus was radical in his inclusion of women in the early Jesus movement, even if the church has not always followed the same path. This year as we remember the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage and a new Wonder Woman movie is set to be released, let's take some time to remember some of the wonder women of the Bible and find in their stories inspiration to live with courage, wisdom and strength as we live out our part of God's story.

The Power of Words

Sundays: October 11-25

Words have power. The Bible notes that, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." With our words we insult, or encourage, we curse or we bless. With them we build trust or tear it down. Our words have the power to strengthen relationships or to destroy them. Join us as we reflect on the power of our words and learn principles to use them as tools for life!

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October 11 - Words that Build
October 18 - Words with Friends and Family
October 25 - God's Word to Us

Walls to Bridges - World Communion Sunday

October 4, 2020
The first Sunday in October is a day in which we remember that Jesus builds bridges as we celebrate World Communion Sunday. Jesus built a bridge between us and God, and Jesus builds bridges between groups of people previously separate. Paul says that Jesus tore down the walls that divide us. We will share about the symbolism of our new baptismal font and consider what it means to be apprentices of the one who breaks down walls and builds bridges.