Serve Locally

afghanistan family

In summer 2021, refugees from Afghanistan started to arrive in the United States as the war intensified and US military personnel left the region with 76,000 as of early 2022. In November CUMC learned of the work of the International Service Center in Harrisburg working to resettle 113 people in the greater Harrisburg area. 
CUMC has also been working with other community groups to find sponsors for all 19 families.
We are also working to raise awareness about the Afghan Adjustment Act to help our new neighbors to receive services here. More info here.
If you would like to get more involved in our community effort, please contact Cheryl Hale or Pastor Mira, .

alternative gifts

Join CUMC in giving an Alternative Gift during the holiday season. Purchase a gift from one of our SERVE ministries and your donation will change lives in our community and beyond. 100% of your donation will be used in the ministry you choose. Alternative Gifts become available for purchase in November.

Angel Tree

CUMC partners with Cumberland County Children and Youth Services (CYS) and Salvation Army by being "Angels" at Christmas. 
If you would like to donate to the Angel Tree, watch the bulletin for when we are collecting items. If you would like to donate beyond November/December, or are interested in helping decorate and/or deliver gifts, contact Pastor Mira.

blessed to serve

Blessed to Serve is a ministry in our church to assist with minor home repair projects that improve the quality of life for those in our community.  Projects may include painting, minor home repairs, raking or yard work, adding safety features and more. Requests from elderly and low-income persons will be prioritized. Projects should take 4-6 hours.  To learn more and complete an application, or volunteer to help with the repairs, contact Bill Yufer.   

Carlisle 4 kids

Organized by the United Way and Project SHARE, Carlisle 4 Kids brings together religious and business communities with our school districts to provide school supplies to 1000 area students in need every August.  CUMC collects school items in July and coordinates registration for the event.  To volunteer for this one day event, contact Lisa Myers. To register your child for this event, contact Project SHARE

emergency assistance

Carlisle has many resources to help our neighbors in need. Please check out the current brochure describing help with housing, food, electricity, and other basic needs. 
PA211 - A state-wide phone number for finding many forms of assistance within PA. Dial "211" and follow the prompts regarding the assistance that is needed. If offers information by ZIP code.
CUMC EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE FUND - CUMC operates this limited fund to assist those with emergency needs that cannot be met in an appropriate time frame or through other community agencies. Assistance is available on Thursdays between 9 & 11:30am when the Church Office is open. Applicants must have a valid ID card with a current address, and copies of bills. Funds and information on other resources are given confidentially and made possible through the generosity of our church family.
CUMC reserves the right to share necessary application information with Samaritan Fellowship, if the interviewer deems a referral would help.
SAMARITAN FELLOWSHIP - CUMC is also open Saturday mornings at the West Wing Community Entrance for Samaritan Fellowship. Consult the website,, for instructions, hours of operation, eligibility requirements, proof of identity, and required supporting documents.

fruitbelt farmworkers

Each fall hundreds of migrant workers come to Cumberland and Adams counties to help pick the area's plentiful harvest of apples. CUMC partners with the Fruitbelt Farmworkers ministry to share meals; collect and provide blankets, sweatshirts, caps, gloves, food, health kids, and Spanish Bibles for 40 migrant workers each fall. Read more about the expectations of our Fruitbelt Team here. If you are interested in helping, contact Fred Burgess.

homeless to home

In partnership with The Cumberland County Housing Authority Special Needs Department, Safe Harbour and Salvation Army, Homeless to Home assists people moving from a homeless situation into a home. More...

letort snacks

CUMC has a partnership with LeTort Elementary to provide after-school tutoring and snacks during the school year. CUMC pays for teachers to provide this tutoring program once a week and the church volunteers provide the snack between school and tutoring. Our snack team prepares, delivers, services, and cleans-up the snack time once a week during the school year. This team needs 6-8 people to run smoothly. Volunteers are required to complete the Safe Sanctuaries Clearance process before going into the school. To help, contact Jane Boley, .

my Brother's table salvation army

CUMC has two teams that serve consistently at My Brother's Table, providing a dinner meal for those who do not have the resources or means to provide their own. Volunteers plan the menu, cook, and serve the meal. They pray together with our guests prior to eating. While guests eat, CUMC volunteers mingle and receive prayer requests. Our student team serves the 4th Sunday every other month. The intergenerational team that serves the 3rd Tuesday every month is currently serving meals monthly. This ministry requires a willingness to serve not only food but also share God's love with guests. To help on Tuesdays, contact Ron Chipriano,

Project share

Today Project SHARE provides food each month to over 3,000  in our local community. CUMC has partners with Project SHARE in three ways. Learn more...

safe harbour babysitting

Safe Harbour provides housing and support for single adults and parents with kids through emergency shelter, long-term temporary housing and permanent housing. One of their largest needs is care for kids while parents participate in classes.
CUMC helps when classes occur on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 5:30-6:30pm during the school year. Volunteers provide snacks, play grams, and assist with homework if needed. Safe Sanctuary Clearances are required. Contact Kendra Hatch,  if interested in helping.

samaritan kids busy bags

Every Saturday at CUMC we host Samaritan Fellowship, (Samaritan Fellowship procedures during Covid-19) a local non-profit started in 1958, that strives to help our neighbor's in need. More...

shining lights

A group of volunteers that support the teachers and children at Little Lights Learning Center (our onsite daycare/preschool). In addition to reading to the children when they are able, the Shining Lights also has been involved in other activities at the center like the Trike-a-Thon, Christmas and Graduation programs, Muffins in the Morning, Donuts with Grownups, Teacher Appreciation Week, driving campers to Mt. Asbury and conducting chapel as needed.  All volunteers must have Safe Sanctuaries clearances. Jesus loved all the little children of the world, and you can share Jesus' love with our Little Lights children and teachers by contacting Kerm Leitner, .