Volunteers in Mission (VIM)

CUMC is committed to sending teams to help with Volunteers in Mission (VIM). Trips are day, weekend, or week-long that help a community meet an urgent need with some of our sweat and the love of God.
Due to the Covid pandemic our VIM options are more local. We hope to resume larger trips in 2022.

upcoming vim trips

Check back often.


We continue to be in touch with UMCOR and VIM to see new opportunities and needs where CUMC can serve.  Look for more information coming soon.   Please contact the VIM leaders, listed at the bottom of the page, to be notified when the next trip is being planned.

past trips

VIM South Carolina - 2019 
In February a ten person team from CUMC went to rural South Carolina as work concludes on houses impacted by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  They put on a new roof, repaired siding, installed drywall, and more to two homes.  They were blessed to be able to share hope and God's love to these families.  

2018 TRIPS 
The 2017 hurricane season in the Atlantic provided three larger storms that left millions in the US and Caribbean without power and with billions of dollars in damage. As communities opened for VIM, CUMC sponsored three trips between January and June 2018 to South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico to help with UMCOR recovery efforts.

Check out this video, shared in worship, about the work of all three trips.

In June, CUMC sent a team of 10 to partner with Methodist Church of Puerto Rico on continued recovery efforts. The team worked in Patillas, on the southwest of the island, that had just received power in May after 10 months without power. The team worked on four homes: adding a roof, installing windows, running electricity, and pouring a concrete floor. They were blessed to be God's hands and feet and loved the people they met.
Puerto Rico Team Journal

In March, CUMC sent a team to work with the Florida Annual Conference as they recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The group put a new roof and windows on a house, making it safe and drier for the beloved homeowners. They worked in Daytona Beach and experienced great hospitality at the Habitat House throughout the week.
Florida Team Journal

In June 2017, CUMC sent a team of adults to work with the South Carolina Annual Conference. While there the team worked on four homes that were in the area of historic flooding and path of Hurricane Matthew in fall 2016. They worked on four homes - redoing a roof, replacing moldy drywall, and other minor projects - and were able to share God's love in action with the families they met.
South Carolina Team Journal 2017

In January 2018 a team returned to South Carolina. This time working on a home that needed several floors replaced in Sumter, SC. While making slow progress on recovering from 2016 storms, the 2017 hurricane season brought again tremendous rainfall and water to many homes in South Carolina. The team met many wonderful people and enjoyed a few trips to Sonic for ice cream as rewards for their work.
South Carolina Team Journal 2018

June 2016, CUMC sent an adult team and a student team to work with Bahamas Methodist Habitat. The student team worked on the home of a single mother that was in the almost-to-be-condemned category. They repaired three large sections of the roof and put up drywall inside. The adults worked at the Christie Home for Elderly to paint, mow grass, build a closet, redo a utility room and many other little projects.  Through it all they were God's hands and feet and saw God through the people they met in Nassau.
Adult Journal

Hurricane Sandy in 2012 did extensive damage on the homes in the greater NYC area. CUMC has sent teams to work on over 15 homes, mostly in the Staten Island area. Spring 2016 was our final teams as the project wrapped up.

i want to help...

We are also always in contact with UMVIM and UMCOR for ways we can help with regional and national disasters. If you want to be notified when a trip is being planned, please email our coordinators (listed below).

Contact Barb Harpel,  or Cheryl Hale,