Since May 2011, CUMC has served in Mellier, LaGonave, Furcy, Yvon, Derocher, and Sobier. In Furcy and Sobier, tems helped to build community centers. in Derocher and Sobier, teams partnered with the Clean Water Project to provide Sawyer water filters to 200 families. These small filters will last 10 years and filter a million gallons of water. Our teams often visit Grace Children's Hospital and spend time with the children in the inpatient ward.

Through generous donations from our congregation, CUMC teams have been able to help with funding rebuilding projects, support school lunch programs, provide financial support for Grace Children's Hospital and give employment opportunities to construction workers, drivers, cooks and interpreters.

why do you go that far to serve?

One week in Haiti can transform the lives of those willing to set aside time and their personal comfort to journey to Haiti to see and love the people they meet.

interested in going to haiti?

A team of 6 people will be going to Haiti in January 2019 to work with Water to Life on delivering 100 Sawyer Water Filters to people in Mellier and the surrounding communities. The team will also do follow-up visits to homes where water filters have been distributed on previous trips, to ensure filters are working properly.  Contact Rich Charette, to help support a team or learn more about our next trip.

mellier community bank

The Methodist Church of Haiti has a successful micro-credit program with 43 banks throughout Haiti through structured Community Banks that provide training and loans to local small business owners. Working in a small group the members are able to increase their family income, pay for children's education, learn better business practices and increase their standing within their families and community. Leaders of the Mellier Methodist Church are very interested in this opportunity, but a church is needed to fund the startup of the Community Bank and micro-credit program.
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2018 haiti trip

As rebuilding buildings in Haiti draws to a close, the focus is becoming how the church can partner with communities in Haiti to think about community development and empowerment programs. In that light and after extensive conversation with other churches in the US about Haiti partnerships we hooked up with Water to Life founder, Bob Ford, for a week in Mellier to explore their dreams for the future. Seven years prior, our first team helped dig the trenches for this church and now we participated in lively worship and heard their dreams for their families and community. The team provided 127 clean water filters to the community and went into Mellier to check water filters given out by other teams. They met family after family who were using their filters daily, very thankful for the better health they provided for their families. The team saw water filters being used daily for three years still giving clean water today. They also, with the funding of CUMC, provided six new school benches and critical repairs to a hole in the school's roof.

After hearing the dreams of the people of Mellier, the team returned home to pray about and consider how CUMC and MMC (Mellier Methodist Church) can partner going forward.
2018 Team Video of Mellier
2018 Team Journal

Team Journals & videos

2017 Team Journal, Morning has Broken (area of Sobier) video, Sound of the Saints video, With Every Act of Love (community center & water filter distribution) video, & That's How You Change the World (Grace Children's Hospital) video

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