About CUMC


At Carlisle UMC in Carlisle, PA we strive to Live Like Jesus, which improves our lives, our families, the Carlisle community and beyond. Join us for Sunday Worship, we welcome everyone!


Inviting all to become disciples of Jesus Christ serving the greater Carlisle community and beyond.


Living like Jesus improves our lives, our families, the Carlisle community and beyond. At Carlisle United Methodist Church, we strive to LIVE LIKE JESUS.

OUR welcoming statement

At CUMC, you can be yourself. All are welcome. All means all - no exceptions.

We believe:
• Jesus lived with arms wide open to love all people
• Every person is created by God and reflects God's image

We commit to Live Like Jesus by:
• Welcoming and loving everyone in our church, our community, and beyond
• Establishing a place where people who have not felt safe and accepted in a church can be fully themselves and find belonging
• Honoring our differences as a gift from God
• Actively building a community of unconditional love and grace that honors the image of God in every person 


At CUMC we strive to Live Like Jesus. WORSHIPping together to honor and praise God; GROWing to know Christ; SERVEing in our community and beyond, and CONNECTing with our neighbors and caring for one another. More info on our ministries here.

future of the umc

In the UM Church, General Conference determines the overarching theology, policies and procedures for all UM Churches. Read more here.

a united methodist congregation

We are a United Methodist congregation and are deeply rooted in that theology, structure, and practices. The United Methodist Church is a global church that opens hearts, opens doors and opens minds through active engagement with our world. To find out more about United Methodism, visit www.umc.org

our church home

In September 2020 we moved into a new church home at 333 S Spring Garden Street. It has ample parking, outdoor space, safe classrooms for kids and students, and is a place for worship NOW and into the FUTURE in Carlisle. Read more about the process here.

Our heritage

As we were becoming one church in Spring 2013, nine videos were created to share the history and heritage of our three congregations. View these videos and read about our heritage here...