Kids are our greatest treasure and our greatest responsibility. Many of us have been moved by a child's innocent response to a kid's sermon or Bible lesson, and many of us have felt our hearts fill with joy listening to children sing. With such a treasure in our midst, we hear Jesus telling us to become like little kids: full of wonder, trust, and joy!

Our job as Jesus' disciples, is to teach our kids and nurture them in faith, helping them to grow in love of God and love of neighbor. Ministry with kids is not about learning lists of do's and don'ts, but about showing them the love of Jesus Christ and teaching them to share that love with other's through kindness, respect, and service.


0 thru Pre-K
K thru 5th Grade


CUMC aspires to be a safe, loving atmosphere to share the love of Christ with everyone who participates in our kids and student programs. To best care for our kids, students, and volunteers, CUMC requires everyone working with kids and students to complete our Safe Sanctuaries process.

Read more about our Safe Sanctuaries Policy.