Serve Nationally

mission central

Mission Central processes United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) "Relief Kits" for use around the world.  They also collect supplies for local and national ministries.  Volunteers assist with many projects to help send God's love around the world.  The UMW and others go to Mission Central on the 3rd Wednesday each month.  They meet in the church parking lot at 8:30 am, work until noon, enjoy lunch together and return around 1:30 pm.  Join us locally to help serve others nationally and internationally.
To get involved please contact Jean Yufer at


NOMADS is a United Methodist affiliate group of 1,200 people, mostly retired couples and singles who travel around the country in their RV's and provide hands on work at UM conference camps, UM children's homes, local UM churches, homeless shelters, mission agencies, and in many communities on individual homes when sponsored by local UM organizations. We also (when invited by UMCOR) go to areas hit by natural disasters to help rebuild homes. But more importantly, NOMADs do Christ's work and glorify God while setting an example that encourages others to serve God also.
Because NOMADs come from various backgrounds, they are skilled in many areas and frequently do new construction, remodeling, maintenance, repairs, painting, office work, gardening, and many other tasks. NOMADs enjoy using their hands for Christ's mission and appreciate the fellowship and lasting friendships of others serving Jesus.
For more information, contact the Church Office at 717.249.1512. 

volunteers in mission (vim)

CUMC is committed to sending teams to help with Volunteers in Mission (VIM). Trips are day, weekend, or week-long that help a community meet an urgent needs with some of our sweat and the love of God.
We are always in contact with UMVIM and UMCOR for ways we can help with regional and natural disasters. If you want to be notified when a trip is being planned, please email Pastor Mira,  or Rich Charette, .