Rhythms of Life

At CUMC we talk a lot about becoming a disciple and Living Like Jesus. What does it mean to be a disciple? How do we Live Like Jesus? It means to say yes to Jesus and yes to a Jesus-shaped way of living in relationship with God, ourselves, and others. We believe this is the best life we could live. It is the life we were created for. It is a life that brings joy and peace. It is a life of purpose and growth.

At CUMC we have a general rule and a shared rhythm of life that helps us Live Like Jesus.

  • General Rule: Do No Harm, Do Good, Stay in Love with God
  • Rhythm of Life: Worship, Grow, Connect, and Serve

Living Like Jesus: Rhythms of Life Chart

4 rhythms that shape us into a jesus-shaped life of love -
Worship, Grow, Serve, Connect
Worship (Up) - Center our lives in God

Together: Weekly Worship
Daily Gratitude, Personal Prayer
Jesus centered his life in God through regular times of worship together with others and prayer alone in silence and solitude. This is the picture of what we mean when we talk about the practice of worship. Living Like Jesus means centering our life in God through worship. The fruit is a life-giving and ongoing relationship of love with God.
Additional Practices: Gratitude Journal; Worship through Creative Arts; Practice of Prayer - find new ways to Pray; Develop Sabbath Practice; Silence and Solitude; Tithe/Offering/ Practicing the Presence of God

Grow (In) - Pursue Growth and Transformation

Together: Grow Classes/Groups
Daily Bible Reading
Jesus gathered with others around scripture, created space for curiosity and questions, and helped people grow in community with others. The fruit of this rhythm of life was that Jesus lived out of his identity as a beloved child of God who could live with wisdom and grace and mentor others in their growth.
Additional Practices: Retreats/Camps; Experiment with Spiritual Disciplines; Develop Rules of Life; Spiritual Reading/Podcasts; Spiritual Direction; Counseling; Personal Discovery and Development

Serve (Out) - Share the Love of Christ

Together: Hands-on Service and Generosity
Daily Acts of Kindness
Jesus did good to the body and soul of people wherever he went. He cared for their spiritual needs as he invited them to return to God and find life for their souls. He cared for their physical needs as he healed the sick and fed the hungry. He paid particular attention to those on the bottom and the margins as he reached out to the least, the last, and the lonely.
Additional Practices: Learn Your Spiritual Gifts; Find a Cause to be Passionate about and Invest Deeply; Mission Trips; Connect with a Local Non-Profit

Connect (With) - Build Beloved Community

Together: Build Relationships in Church and/or Community
Reach Out to Someone Weekly
Even at the foot of the cross, Jesus built beloved community. With his dying breath, he looked at his mother and his beloved disciple and connected them into community. The movement after Jesus saw living in caring community as part of what it meant to Live Like Jesus. They raised up leaders in the early church in Jerusalem to make sure that widows were provided all they needed to eat. Jesus lived in community with his disciples, with the least, the last, and the lonely and the taught his followers to do the same.
Additional Practices: Congregational Care Team; Serve a Church Ministry Team; Start a Connect Group; Build a More Just Community; Build Relationship Outside Your Bubble/Comfort Zone

The Discipleship Pathway defines what we mean when we talk about becoming a disciple and Living Like Jesus. It is meant to help each of us take our next steps on a lifelong journey of faith.