Each classroom at Little Lights meets the standards of the Keystone STARS Program. Classrooms meet or exceed the student to teacher ratio for each age, with age appropriate toys and learning centers. To learn more about the goals of each classroom, see below.
To learn more about our teachers, please visit the staff page.

infant roomS (teddy bears)

Ages 6 weeks thru 12 months
The focus is on providing a loving and nurturing environment where the needs of the infant are the first priority. The ratio maintained in these rooms is 1 teacher for every 4 infants. The teachers in the classroom spend their days engaging the infants in conversation, song, and providing new experiences through spirit, sound, and touch. The schedule for this room is heavily determined by the infants and meeting their basic needs. Your child's teacher will work with you to ensure a schedule is followed that best meets the needs of your child and family.

young toddler (Tree frogs & monkeys)

Ages 12 thru 24 months
In these rooms we have 1 teacher for every 5 children.
The Young Toddler Rooms are some of our busiest. Gross motor play time occurs outside daily (weather permitting) and children are provided with many opportunities to develop social skills and experience hands on exploration and learning. Children are introduced to colors, shapes, and animal sounds. There is a short daily circle time and art is incorporated into the lesson plans developed by the classroom teachers. The teachers of our Young Toddlers want both you and your child to feel comfortable and at home in their home.

toddler (rhinos & Pandas)

Older 1 year olds & Younger 2 year olds
In this room you will see an explosion of academic knowledge. The children learn their colors, shapes, numbers, ABC's, and will learn information about various topics throughout the year. During your child's time at Little Lights you will notice that all of our classes incorporate a great deal of free play. This is the best way for children to learn. Teachers take this time to engage the children in conversation, develop social skills, and help extend the child's thought processes. Potty training begins in these two rooms.

older toddler (tigers)

Older 2 year olds and Younger 3 year olds
The room where you will watch your child become more and more independent. Children in the Tiger Room will be learning to dress themselves, make their own nap mat, clean up independently, use a spoon effectively, put on their jackets, and will begin developing many other life skills. Potty training can continue in this room. Children will work on name, letter, color, and shape recognition.

3 & 4 Year olds preschool  (lions)

Older 3 year olds and Younger 4 year olds
The Lion's Room focuses on peer interactions and expressing emotions appropriately. They use a Social Emotional Curriculum called Second Step. Problem solving skills are supported and developed this year. Children will continue to work on letter, number, shape, and name recognition.  Children must be potty trained to move up to this room.

4 & 5 year olds preschool (dolphins & hippos)

4 and 5 year olds starting Kindergarten next year
Our teachers meet with school district representatives in Cumberland County annually to assess our curriculum and ensure it aligns with the Districts' expectations. The Dolphin & Hippo Rooms focus on centers that will increase the academic success of students in Kindergarten. Language Arts and Math centers are a vital part of the curriculum. 
Teachers use the Hatch computers and iPads which align with our curriculum to enhance the children's learning. They use a social emotional curriculum called Second Step.