CUMC Spring Garden Campus

At CUMC we believe that a new facility, that is accessible and accommodating to all, is critical to allow us to fulfill our mission and ministry: Inviting all to become disciples of Jesus Christ serving the greater Carlisle community and beyond. Our new church home will have parking, outdoor space, safe classrooms for children and youth and be a place for worship for NOW and the FUTURE in Carlisle.

View recent photos of the progress at Spring Garden Campus.

building committee blog

To learn the latest from our Building Committee, read our blog with the latest updates.

Latest update: Check out this video of the progress since Fall 2018. January 2019 video update.

visioning teams

The Leadership Council formed a Vision Steering Committee in December to prepare a process that would assess our current mission and ministries and dream for the future. This process will mirror the work of our pre-unification and transition teams that helped make the move into our current church home successful. When the doors of our new building are ready, our mission and ministries will be ready to be launched immediately. There are 20 teams and lots of help is needed to assess and dream.
See the Team and Goals HERE.
Where's your passion? Where can you help dream for our church? Click here to get involved in the Visioning for CUMC Spring Garden Site.
To get involved, please contact Pastor Mira or Kerm Leitner.

heartbeats along the way

Twice-monthly notes to encourage and ground us in God's Word from the summer of 2017 through the opening and dedication of CUMC at Spring Garden Campus. 
Note 1: Sept. 10, 2017; Note 2: Sept. 17, 2017; Note 3: Oct. 1, 2017; Note 4: Oct. 15, 2017; Note 5: Nov. 5, 2017; Note 6: Nov. 19, 2017; Note 7: Dec. 3, 2017; Note 8: Dec. 17, 2017; Note 9: Jan. 14, 2018; Note 10: Jan. 28, 2018; Note 11: Feb. 11, 2018; Note 12: Feb. 25, 2018; Note 13: Mar. 11, 2018; Note 14: Mar. 25, 2018; Note 15: Apr. 8, 2018; Note 16: Apr. 22, 2018; Note 17: May 6, 2018; Note 18: May 20, 2018; Note 19: June 10, 2018; Note 20: July 1, 2018; Note 21: July 22, 2018; Note 22: Aug. 12, 2018; Note 23: Aug. 26, 2018; Note 24: Sept. 9, 2018; Note 25: Sept. 23, 2018; Note 26: Oct. 14, 2018; Note 27: Oct. 28, 2018; Note 28: Nov. 11, 2018; Note 29: Nov. 18, 2018; Note 30: Dec. 9, 2018; Note 31: Dec. 30, 2018; Note 32: Jan. 6, 2019; Note 33: Jan. 27, 2019; Note 34: February 10, 2019; Note 35: March 17, 2019;  Note 36: March 31, 2019; Note 37: April 14, 2019; Note 38: April 28, 2019; Note 39: May 12, 2019;  Note 40: May 26, 2019; Note 41: June 9, 2019; Note 42: June 30, 2019;  Note 43: July 21, 2019; Note 44: August 18, 2019; Note 45: September 1, 2019; Note 46: September 15, 2019; Note 47: October 6, 2019; Note 48: October 27, 2019; Note 49: November 17, 2019; Note 50: December 1, 2019

leadership team

Chairs: Jay Layman & Christina Benson; Coordinator: Charles Reynolds; Lead Gifts: Jeff & Sue Barnes; Communications: Heather Weiser; Prayer Teams: Emily Clepper; Advanced Commitments: Bill Bunt, Jacquie Bunt, Ron Axsom, Glenda Axsom; Celebrations: Debbie Washinger; Connections: Dick Felty; Gratitude Ministries: Mark & Carol Lemon; Youth & Children: Erin Fleet; Small Groups: Kerm Leitner; Pastors: Jim VanZandt & Mira Hewlett; Consultant: Scott McKenzie

building committee

A 9-member Building Committee has been established by Leadership Council that meets monthly during the design and permitting process of our permanent facility.
Jeff Barnes, chair; Brad Weiser, vice chair; Ryan Heishman; Colleen Kulp; Mike Landis; Joanne Monoski; Joanne Reynolds; Courtney Svirbly; & Rick Washinger

Construction Representatives:
During the 18 month construction period, Mike Landis, Brad Weiser, and Jeff Barnes will represent CUMC in managing the project. Each has extensive construction experience.

building teams

Building Committee members will lead our teams, which will vary in size and length of commitment, based on the important works for each area. Various Building Teams.

design & permitting

Aerial view of existing conditions of Smith Farm Property, Fall 2015

Smith Farm options for access
While a  second permanent access driveway is not mandatory, it is highly desirable to prevent gridlock on South Spring Garden Street following a large event and options for emergency equipment. Until we have a second access, we are required to have an unpaved but improved second emergency equipment access. We are currently looking at several possibilities shown on this drawing.

Smith Farm easements
As included in our sales agreement with Jeff Smith for storm water, utilities and emergency access if/as they may be required.

Final Subdivision Plan approved by Carlisle Borough, South Middleton Township and Cumberland County.

project team

CUMC has decided to use the relatively new Partnered Design-Build project approach, also referred to as Integrated Project Delivery. Read more...