My Brother's Table

    02.15.19 | Serve by Ron Chipriano

    What’s it like to serve at My Brother’s Table at Salvation Army? Our volunteers serve every third Wednesday of each month. When we arrive, many of our guests want to know what’s being served. Usually when we let them know, they tell us that our church serves great food. But I know that it’s more than just the food that’s great. I watch as the volunteers interact with our guests and the love and caring for each guest shines through. God’s love is evident in not only our volunteers but also in our guests. When collecting prayer requests, I’ve seen God in a little boy that was about 6 ask for prayers for his parents that he loved. A little girl, who is a Girl Scout, asked for CUMC to pray for a successful cookie drive. She was the same little girl when given a cupcake and not a brownie had a concerned look on her face. When asked, she said she really loves brownies. One of the volunteers heard this and replaced the cupcake with two brownies. When she looked up from her tray, her face was beaming with happiness. Many of the guests when sharing their prayer request thank our church for serving the meal and ask when we are coming again. Sam, a guest I met a year ago, was down and out. He needed work and a place to stay. Sam’s wife and children were living with relatives in Erie, Pa. He wanted to get a job and move on with his life. When given a few suggestions for work at one of the local warehouses, Sam applied and got a job as a forklift operator. Today he has moved on from the warehouse work to become a welder and is doing quite well. Every time I see Sam he has a big grin and a handshake for me. God has truly blessed our guests and all of us. God walks among us at MBT and throughout all of the SERVE areas and beyond. You just have to step back, look, and listen and you will see Him.