Don & Nancy Schoeps

    09.01.18 | People of CUMC by Rhonda Dyson

    Don and Nancy attend the 11:00am Celebration Service after attending the 9:45am Sunday School. 
    The Schoeps moved to the Carlisle area in 2009. They are both retired after a lot of work - and some years they are gone almost half the time. The Schoeps are active in the American Theatre Organ Society annual convention, the National Storytelling Festival, and they spend a few weeks camping in The Adirondacks. They also visit their two daughters who live out of town with their husbands. The Schoeps enjoy hiking, music, and sharing singing and stories with other people.
    When asked what they like most about CUMC, they replied, "We like that so many people get involved with helping other folks; we see that as close to the heart of what the Christian life is all about. There's one-on-one helping LAMs (Limited Access Members), a card ministry, and other groups - but also reaching out to people who are not members through Carlisle C.A.R.E.S. (temporary homeless people who find shelter in our church buildings), Samaritan Fellowship, and even many who help at other human services groups like Project SHARE of Carlisle PA and the Red Cross. Of course there is wonderful openness in the many Sunday School classes and short term study groups to people like us who are always rethinking our understandings of important things - groups where we can share what surprises us, and learn from what others have been going through."
    "We love the story of that first Christmas Eve Service we did on Christmas Eve at the Cumberland County, PA - Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. We were so proud that our church sent a "real" ordained pastor to lead the service (it's a real busy time for our pastors!) - but then we found that the group of knitters in our church would make a prayer shawl for EVERY resident who came to the service (about 50 that first year). When we sang, 'Love Came Down at Christmas,' together that night, it was a special flood of healing for EVERYONE there - a "real" Christmas!"
    For people that want to give CUMC a try, the Schoeps say, "Give CUMC a try for two reasons - you will find you are welcomed even when seeing things a little different from others AND you will find there are many ways to join in, find a place to work together in little and big ways with people you will meet here!"