Believers in Action

believers in action to end racism

Opportunities in support of the United Methodist Church Initiative to End Racism

We are looking to understand the general UMC beliefs and trying to plan events for 2022. We want your input. Please complete this short survey to share your thoughts and ideas by October 15.

Believers mission statement

We affirm that all people are made in the image of God and have equal value in God's eyes. We believe our church should be a leader in addressing issues in our society that undermines these Christian principles. We will encourage others to join us in creating a more equitable and just society by listening to, learning about, and loving all our brothers and sisters as Jesus taught us. This is the only way to LIVE LIKE JESUS.

Believers seeks to share where our United Methodist connection currently stands on these issues while confirming our desire to seek more racial and gender equality at CUMC, our local community, and beyond.

To join the conversation at CUMC, contact Sharon Edwards:

resources on inclusion & diversity

  • Laity and Clergy grassroots initiative in the Susquehanna Annual Conference (CUMC's regional body):
  • UMC Next national organization:
  • Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church:
  • The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2016), Paragraph 4, Article IV of the Constitution, Inclusiveness of the Church - The United Methodist Church is a part of the church universal, which is one Body in Christ. The United Methodist Church acknowledges that all persons are of sacred worth. All persons without regard to race, color, national origin, status, or economic condition, shall be eligible to attend its worship services, participate in its programs, receive the sacraments, upon baptism be admitted as baptized members, and upon taking vows declaring the Christian faith, become professing members in any local church in the connection. In the United Methodist Church no conference or other organizational unit of the Church shall be structured so as to exclude any member or any constituent body of the Church because of race, color, national origin, status or economic condition.

resources on racism

  • Dismantling Racism efforts in Susquehanna Annual Conference (CUMC's regional body):
  • UMC National organization United Methodists Stand Against Racism:
  • The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2016), Paragraph 5, Article V of the Constitution, Racial Justice: The United Methodist Church proclaims the value of each person as a unique child of God and commits itself to the healing and wholeness of all persons. The United Methodist Church recognizes that the sin of racism has been destructive to its unity throughout its history. Racism continues to cause painful division and marginalization. The United Methodist Church shall confront and seek to eliminate racism, whether in organizations or in individuals, in every facet of its life and society at large. The United Methodist Church shall work collaboratively with others to address concerns that threaten the cause of racial justice at all times and in all places.


Believer's in Action conversation with Dr. Drew Hart around his book, "Changing the Way the Church Views Racism," occurred Sunday, March 14. He was a dynamic speaker and unpacked many ideas in his book, and answered questions raised from the Believer's in Action book study and live participants. If you missed it, or want to share with someone, click the link above.