As a member of the Susquehanna Conference of the UMC, we have four camps that provide wonderful opportunities for kids, students, and adults to have authentic relationships with Jesus, experience community, and be in the beauty of God's creation.

Each spring, summer, and fall there are over 50 opportunities from weekend events to week-long camps for all ages. Learn about all the opportunities at the Camping and Retreat Ministries website.

To support young people from CUMC attending church camp, CUMC wants to partner with families to make camping possible.

CUMC will fund 55% of the registration fee for any Carlisle kid or student attending a UMC camp who registers before the first registration discount deadline and 50% for those who register during the regular registration time. These deadlines are set annually by the Camping and Retreat Office.

This is limited to one camp 2 weeks or less, and only one camp per summer per person.

Families should  register and pay fully for the camp, then turn in a paid statement to Erin Fleet, student ministries director, for reimbursement. This process guarantees registration for the young person in a timely manner and reimbursement will be given within three weeks.

i have questions...

Please contact Erin Fleet at about kids and students camping or Pastor Mira Hewlett at about adult camping.