Student Ministry


The Student Ministries at CUMC strive to provide a caring church family for students. We aim to build a friendly space where students can gather, serve, and reach out to others with family, passion, kindness, and generosity.

CUMC Students is a safe place to be yourself no matter what you have done or what has been done to you. A place to belong no matter what your past is or what you think your future has to be. You can feel safe to share questions about Jesus: Who is he? What's he about? You can consider what it means to be a Christian.


Middle School (6th-8th Grade)
High School (9th-12th Grade)


CUMC aspires to be a safe, loving atmosphere to share the love of Christ with everyone who participates in our kid and student programs. To best care for our kids, students, and volunteers, CUMC requires everyone working with kids and students to complete our Safe Sanctuaries process.

Read more about our Safe Sanctuaries Policy.