Samaritan Kids

Every Saturday at CUMC we host Samaritan Fellowship, a local non-profit started in 1958, that strives to help our neighbor's in need. Samaritan Fellowship aims to help those, who through no fault of their own, have exhausted every available means for providing adequate food, clothing, utilities, medical care, furniture and short-term shelter and other emergency services.

From 8:00-10:00am on Saturdays, neighbors in need of assistance come to CUMC to request assistance. Often 20+ persons/families come each week. (See below for information on Samaritan Fellowship clients).

busy bags for kids

While parents are being interviewed, CUMC provides activity bags for children 3 years of age thru 5th grade. Bags include activity and coloring pages and quiet crafts/toys. Kids are then welcome to take the bags home with them as they leave.

Volunteers meet a few times each year to make more bags. Children, who are greatly impacted by hardships and seeking assistance, find something "just for them" through the bags.

i want to help...

Contact Shirley Garrison at to help with this project or donate supplies.

need help from samaritan fellowship?

Samaritan Fellowship meets every Saturday morning at CUMC. Applications may be submitted from 8:00-10:00am. No applications are accepted after 10:00am. Please enter the Parking Lot door when coming for assistance and follow the posted signs.  

Applicants must bring the appropriate documentation identified on the Applying for Assistance page to support their requests.