Room Reservations

CUMC is a very active church - with lots of groups and meetings happening each day within our building. Scheduling a room and requesting set-up occurs through our church office and staff.

rooms available

At CUMC we have meeting rooms, large group rooms and rooms geared towards specific ages. As we deal with the Covid pandemic and try to keep everyone safe, we have changed the number of people for each room. Size of occupancy listed below is Covid size. Here are the rooms available for reservation:

Adult/Community Wing

  • A1 - Meeting space for 9 adults with 2 tables, tv/dvd player and webcam
  • A2 - Meeting space for 10 adults with 3 tables, tv/dvd player, and console piano
  • A3 - Meeting space for 12 adults with 3 tables, tv/dvd player, and baby grand piano
  • A4 - Meeting space for 10 adults with 3 tables, tv/dvd player (preferred for outside groups)
  • A5 - Meeting space for 8 adults with 1 table (preferred for outside groups)
  • A6 - Meeting space for 10 adults with 3 tables, tv/dvd player, and console piano (preferred for outside groups)
  • A7 - Meeting space for 6 adults with tv/dvd player (preferred for outside groups
  • A8 - Currently closed with extra chairs/tables during Covid

Additional Meeting Spaces

  • OF 21 - Large Conference Room - table for 6 people with tv/dvd player
  • OF 18 - Small Conference Room - table for 4 people with tv/dvd player
  • Patios - outdoor space for up to 12 people with various layouts

Larger Gatherings

  • Gym - capacity of 50 people
  • Cafe area - capacity of 20 people, some square tables available
  • Fun Room - for kids (2-5 years old) - limit to 15 kids, will be used occasionally Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm by Little Lights

community groups or families

CUMC is open to groups and families using the facility if your purpose fits with our mission and space is available. Ultimately we have very limited availability for outside groups to use the facility due to the current ministries and use.

Read and review our FACILITIES USE POLICY.

cumc leaders & ministries

Leaders must reserve rooms and space through the church office for EVERY meeting and event. This permits everyone to have the best space possible for every event and avoids conflicts around space, logistics, and noise.

  1. Contact the Church Office to reserve a room (email ) with date, time, and ideal room/space.
  2.  Receive your confirmation of room and time from Church Office.
  3. Complete the Event set-up form to request tables, chairs, sound, etc. for the meeting or event. This must be completed 2 WEEKS PRIOR to each event in the MPR or Gathering. This must be completed 1 WEEK PRIOR to each event for all other classrooms. This permits our staff and volunteers time to verify your request and plan for large set-ups.

i have more questions...

Contact the Church Office at  or 717.249.1512.